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Farmers throughout Indiana trust WOLF Cooperative for their quality organic animal feeds, fertilizers and a wide assortment of specialty animal products. Our experienced team remains dedicated to supporting farmers throughout the area with the products they need at affordable prices.

Our OEFFA Certified Organic soybeans, corn, oats and barley remain priced at the high end of the market in favor of the farmer. With top quality brands such as Crystal Creek, WOLF Co-op offers farmers a large selection of wholesome and trusted, locally produced products.

General Manager Lamar Bontrager grew up working his family’s small dairy and hog operation. Lamar’s father farmed organically not because of the market, but because of his strong beliefs about the best way to farm. After nearly 15 years in the feed business, Lamar continues to share his valuable experience and expertise. Several years ago he purchased the Wolcottville Feed Mill and converted it into a certified organic mill.

As the local organic industry and the mill continued to grow — along with the new presence of Organic Valley Cooperative — Lamar formed a cooperative for the sale of the Wolcottville Organic Feed Mill. Today, Wolcottville Organic Livestock Feed offers healthy animal products for cows, calfs, chickens, pigs, goats and horses.

Lamar looks forward to the continuing support of the local community assisting WOLF Cooperative in becoming a strong financial partner in the local economy.

For more information on animal feeds from the team at on WOLF Co-op, please contact us here or call us directly at 260.854.9943.